Excellence in Power Infrastructure Since 1955

Merrick has worked in the power industry, from transmission and distribution to large generation station design and development. Merrick has our roots in REA transmission line surveying, and power has been in our blood ever since.

Today, we work closely with many organizations, including Tennessee Valley Authority, Western Area Power Administration, Georgia Transmission Corporation, Georgia Power, Colorado Springs Utilities, and Tri-State Generation & Distribution, as well as numerous private firms with on-site generation capability. We take pride in our partnerships and would like to start one with you.

Experience with All Facets of Power

Merrick’s power experience spans all disciplines and teams, from engineering to surveying and mapping.

We deliver excellence in:

  • Retrofit Plant Engineering and Design
  • Conventional and Renewable Resources
  • Water Resources and Industrial Water Treatment
  • Energy Storage
  • High Definition Survey & Asset Management
  • Distributed Generation
  • Routing Services
  • Easements

Power Generation Infrastructure and Facilities

At Merrick, we help industry cost-effectively generate highly reliable power. Our broad background in different power environments means we can apply technologies and understandings from other areas to find the right solution to meet your needs. We design systems for many energy sources, including natural gas, coal-fired power, solar and wind, and advanced and renewable sources (biomass). Besides our utility clients, we also work with developers to implement combined heat & power (CHP) and cogeneration facilities. Besides conventional energy sources such as natural gas, we have a resume of experience in biomass fired boilers as well. From retrofits to new projects, we work with you to minimize outages, risks, and down time.

Power Generation Infrastructure

Surveying and Mapping

Since our founding in 1955, Merrick has worked in transmission line and corridor mapping. We’ve provided remote sensing, surveying, and mapping for power infrastructure across tens of thousands of miles, including route/corridor projects and substation projects.

Our survey and mapping services cover the full range, from field collection to full management. We’re currently managing survey services for two of the largest transmission project west of the Mississippi River.

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