Sinclair Alkylation (Alky) Feed Drum and Pumps

Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company | Sinclair, Wyoming

Merrick performed the engineering design for the replacement of the alkylation (alky) feed drum and associated pumps at Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company’s (SWRC’s) alkylation unit in Sinclair, Wyoming. Merrick’s scope included required piping, foundations, pipe support, electrical, foundations, platforms, and instrumentation.

Since the existing vessel was to be taken out of service during the turnaround, the new vessel and pumps had to be designed and installed before the end of the turnaround. The new pumps were considerably larger than the original pumps, which required upgrades to the electrical system and larger piping.

Merrick designed the foundation using helical piers due to soil conditions, Merrick also completed P&IDs including conducting a PHA for the project and electrical documentation for installation. The instrumentation was done using the software package, Smart Plant Intools (SPI). The piping was modeled with 3D AutoCAD to allow for easy development and delivery of construction documentation.


Engineering; Detailed Design; Instrumentation and Piping; Electrical Engineering
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