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What is an indirect cost & why does it affect your project?


By Chris Biondolilo, Roger Boles, and Crystal Bleecher

Indirect costs typically make up 40% of project capital costs. And unlike direct costs, they are not always readily identified. Recognizing and accurately quantifying these costs early in the design process, helps ensure that a project stays on budget and schedule.

Typical Bioprocessing project indirect costs include:

  • Construction Equipment Rental
  • Scaffolding and Construction Consumables
  • Performance Bond
  • Temporary Construction Utilities, Mobilization, & Demobilization
  • Vendor Representatives
  • Field Construction Supervision
  • Commissioning & Start-up Assistance
  • Freight and Taxes
  • Permits & Insurance
  • Engineering
  • Construction G&A Overheads and Fees

Download the full PDF here.

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