Today's infrastructure projects require fresh approaches to existing challenges and new ideas utilizing emerging technology. The engineering experts at Merrick are your trusted advisors for ensuring just that, all while delivering sustainable projects that achieve lasting results and meet regulatory parameters. Merrick's infrastructure engineering expertise combined with our strong client relationships give you the solutions needed to overcome challenges, optimize costs, and achieve quality outcomes.

Arterial intersection
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Light rail & transit-oriented development

Local government, private sector clients, land developers, municipalities, utilities, special districts, the Federal government, and redevelopment authorities regularly call upon Merrick's full range of services. It’s where you’ll find the talent and skill to move a land development project from initial planning through city processes and into development. Our team works effectively with public sector agencies – understanding their current financial challenges and delivering solutions that are respectful of those tight budgets while contributing to the community.

Director of Infrastructure Engineering
Michael Martin, PE
TEL: +1 303-353-3678



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